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Like many stories, by the time we become aware of the details, we find that we are really

a long way from the beginning.


Adelphos  is a Greek word which  means brother.

It carries the idea of close familial relationships; of relationships close enough to stand the strain of living in each other’s space; relationships which transcend the boundaries of regular day to day acquaintances; relationships that care more for the long term result rather than the immediate concerns of business.

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The story of Adelphos Cellars  began long before we, the families whose dream is now a reality, ever thought about opening a winery. If we were really to begin at the beginning, we would realize that preparations were being made long ago to bring our families together.  We trace our roots in this land to Paris Cox, an Indiana Quaker who traveled to West Texas in 1878 in search of wide open spaces, and who found the hand of God here, and stayed.  He and his family and the other Quakers who followed him settled on the land on which our Cerro Santo estate vineyard is planted today.  Cox and his family and friends founded the new settlement of Estacado, established their Quaker Seminary there, and within a few years, celebrated the building of the new courthouse of Crosby County in Estacado, the first county seat.  Alongside their civic activities, the Quakers cultivated the land, and in the 1880s, they planted the first grapevines in West Texas.  We are proud to carry on the legacy of the first Friends of Estacado, caring for each other, stewarding the vines, and cherishing the land we have been given.

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Fast forward one hundred twenty years, and  our story continues as our three families  struggled to raise children, provide basic necessities, nurture personal relationships, grow spiritually, and find meaning in the lives we were living. The circumstances of our lives and our needs and interests brought us together two decades before we even began discussing grapes or wine. For more of that story, you will need to stop by our vineyards and be prepared to stay a while. The story is compelling and uplifting and you will find that the deepest longings of your heart are touched in the hearing. We love telling this story so make it a point to come and hear it.

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The idea of a winery was the outgrowth of our love for wine  and grape growing, and our personal desire to create an opportunity to market our grapes and meet others who love wine and other people as much as we do. Come and hear our stories and tell us yours. We will find that we have a lot in common, and like our forebears the Estacado Quakers, share a common bond, intertwined roots, a brotherhood that makes life worth living. We will find that we are related. We will find that we are . . .  adelphos.