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Always 100% Texas Grapes

We take tremendous pride in not only the quality of our wine, but also in the quality of the process. Our wine is primarily crafted using grapes from our Cerro Santo estate vineyard, which was designed to be hand-tended in order to produce the highest quality grapes.


Our dedication to quality paired with the expertise of our Winemaker, Manual Lechuga, is a living testimony that Texas is capable of making truly word-class wines.

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Our name is derived from the Greek word "adelphos" (αδελφός), which means brother. It carries the idea of close and intimate relationships, whether that be with family or friends, and relationships that care more for long term connection rather than immediate and surface-level concerns.

Our winery began three decades ago in a small West Texas town where the term "brother" was lived daily throughout the community. Three families developed a brotherhood bond that has sustained since. As a result, these families took their love for friendship and wine and established a winery in 2018 using grapes grown in our family-owned estate vineyard just outside of town, naming it Adelphos Cellars to pay homage to our long-lasting brotherhood.


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Most of the fruit used to delicately craft our Adelphos wines is grown on our family-owned estate vineyard, Cerro Santo Vineyards. The vineyard is a beautifully-terraced 40 acre plot near the former Quaker-settled community of Estacado just north of Lorenzo, Texas. This land has a rich and lengthy viticultural past; the Quakers were the first to bring grapevines to West Texas, planting midwestern cultivars in this area when they settled here to establish their seminary almost 140 years ago. Their legacy lives on today in the Cerro Santo vineyard, where our Primitivo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Montepulciano, Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc now thrive on the land they tended and blessed more than a century ago.

We firmly believe in the exclusive use of locally-sourced grapes and actively support the growing positive agricultural impact that viticulture will have on the Texas High Plains, where the majority of all Texas wine grapes are proudly grown. We partner with other vineyard owners and family friends in the High Plains to supply us with additional varietals.

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